Sunday, December 20, 2009

I've Moved

During this past year I had been looking to buy a condo and take on a roommate. I searched lots of different areas only to find that nothing nice was in my price range. Finally, some friends of mine decided that they wanted a bigger place and so the 4 of us decided to move in together.

We found a house in La Verne that we all liked and so we jumped on the application process and got accepted. We moved in last Saturday when it was raining on and off all day long. That made it a big adventure. Covering couches and dressers and beds with giant blankets to save them from rain was tough. Even more difficult was the fact that I couldn't help move all day long. I had my company Christmas party to go to that night. At the party I got pretty drunk, won a $10 iTunes gift card, and danced with two beautiful girls. So it was a good time.

Back to the house now. We've been here for a full week now and the house is pretty much all put together. We have a Christmas tree fully decorated, lights outside of the house, and a nice living room where we can all relax together. For now, we are all perfect roommates. Nobody has pissed anyone else off, but it's early. I'm hoping we can keep this streak alive for a long time to come. If anything changes, you can bet I'll be writing about it here.

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