Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gabe Starts To Wonder About His "Friends"

I've got these three friends, at least that's what I'm told they are, who never seem to invite me out with them. Here's the story.

About 6 months ago me and my "friends" used to hang out a lot. Anytime one of us wanted to do something, the others would all be texted or called. One day, that stopped. One night I was talking with one friend online before dinner. This friend got a text from a second friend about meeting the third friend out for drinks. I ate dinner and never received an invite.

About an hour later I get a text from the first friend tell me that the three of them are out at a bar together. I let them know that I'm pissed about not getting an invite and that I don't want to hear about their fun anymore. They don't listen and start texting me about every little detail of fun that they are having, sending me pictures, basically just pissing me right the fuck off! So the next day I let them know about it. I let them know that I didn't care if they had fun without me, but that rubbing it in my face wasn't cool. Plus, it would have been nice to at least be invited. Since we're "friends" that shouldn't be too much to ask right?

Next, our story jumps ahead to my shitty Friday (last week). I decide to get out of town to blow off some steam and post about my plans on facebook. Now, I don't plan much at all, so I'm starting to think that making my plans public is a bad idea. Things never go the way I envision them, even when I'm only planning a few hours in advance. Anyways, I post online that I'm planning on leaving town and friend 2 invites friend 3 over saying "let's get everyone together" on my post. I don't care that they wanna get together because I'm leaving town. I just think it's a stupid idea to say "let's get everyone together" on a post that says "I'm leaving town" to a third party. Go write on that third party's wall or something! Don't make the original poster feel like they are missing out on something! Apparently they did not remember the one point I tried to make to them last time I was left out of the fun.

Now let's take the story to tonight. Tonight is a night that has got me seriously thinking about deleting facebook because all I do is see things that I'm not a part of and it makes me angry. Tonight I see a facebook post from friend 3 saying "dinner with good friends makes me feel better" or something like that. And of course, like a faithful lapdog, friend 1 is commenting on it because they were at dinner together. I used to think that I was a good friend of friend 3. And I used to think I was a good friend of friend 1. But apparently the two of them can get together and not think of me at all. Today's episode wasn't as bad as the first two, but it's still frustrating when you find out that certain people don't think of you the same way that they used to.

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