Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oops! My Bad!

I have stayed in almost every Friday night of this year. This is what happens when most of your friends are married I guess. I never plan anything more than a few days in advance. So when I try to invite people out for a beer, things never work out because they already have plans. This leaves me at home watching tv or a movie. Pretty pathetic for a decent looking single guy.

So on Thursday I decide to post up a message on facebook seeing what people have planned for Friday night. Did I get messages from friends saying they are heading out to a bar? No. I get one friend (friend #1) laughing at me. I wasn't exactly feeling the love that night.

Friday morning as I'm driving to work, I started to think about my situation. Sitting at home on another Friday night doesn't sound like fun to me. Then I remember something: I'm single and I have a condo in Las Vegas! Fuck it! Let's go to Vegas tonight! I don't have anything packed and I'm supposed to work a little late today, but that won't be a problem. My mind is set, I'm going to get away from everything that is bothering me here and have some fun in Vegas with my brother and his friends for the weekend. Oh boy was I wrong.

Flashforward to 5:30pm. We're installing a new fiber switch in the server room and we're about to connect the last fiber plug. As I'm watching the lights on the switch to make sure things get plugged in correctly, I lean against the wall and hit the Emergency Shut Off button. Shit! The entire room powers down. My shoulder has just shut off every server in the company. Instead of leaving work in five minutes and heading home to pack for Vegas, I'm now going to spend the next 3 hours bringing up every server and checking all kinds of different systems that my company relies on. My boss and one other coworker have to stay later than expected as well. And another employee has to be called back into work to check on another system. Needless to say I feel like shit.

I don't get home until 9 pm. I'm in a shitty mood and my "friend" (#1) who laughed at me is hanging with my roommate (#1). Bitch, moan, have a few scotches, and go to bed.

Saturday morning, I'm still pissed off because of work and because I'm not waking up in Vegas like I had planned. Instead I've created more crap to deal with. I get a text from a friend (#2) asking if we're still going to hang out that night. I let her know that I'm not in the best mood for it at the moment. Then she seems a little pissed off and tells me to go to Vegas. I think she read my Friday facebook post a little late and thought I was planning to go on Saturday. It happens.

Later I get a call from another friend (#3) who is on her way to Vegas and wanted to invite me out for drinks after her and some of her friends see a show. So now I've fucked up at work, I'm pissed because my get-out-of-town plans didn't happen, friends are upset with me, other friends aren't showing me love, and I'm missing out on more fun in Vegas. Excellent. Then the informercial pitch man comes out and says, "But wait! There's more!"

Saturday night my roomies and friend #1 are planning to go a country bar near my place. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a fan of country music. I don't mind listening to it in someone's car but this weekend I'm just not feeling like hearing it at all. I send a text to another friend (#4) to see if she is free for a drink because I'm trying to avoid the country bar and need to get out of the house. She says she has plans, but might be up for a drink depending on when her party ends. I'm already sure that's a polite way of saying no, so I make other plans with my brother. We head out to this tiny dive bar in Rowland Heights. A few of his friends are there which is a welcome change for me. I have a few beers and then get a text from one of the country bar goers (roommate #2) saying they feel dissed that I would go to a gay bar, but not the country bar (the gay bar was on monday with a friend (#6) that I hadn't seen in a long time). Having never heard anything like this from this friend I'm a little shocked. I text back saying I'll go next time, but we'll see about that.

It's Sunday now. I wake up and I'm still not in the best mood so I go out for a run. Running while pissed off is great! I get to think terrible thoughts about all the people who have pissed me off and get a good workout too. I ran 4.1 miles in 35 minutes and 41 seconds. Two minutes faster than my previous best time. Maybe it's because I'm pissed off, or maybe it's because I changed my route so that I'm not running uphill at the very end. Either way...running and writing this post has helped my mood some. Now I need some lunch.

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