Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

This post is going to jump around a bit, so be prepared.

Today was April Fools Day. In the past I've pulled a couple good pranks on my friends. Both times it involved stealing a vehicle and both times I had my victim nearly in tears. In high school I got my neighbor's mom to give me her daughter's car keys. My friends took her out for ice cream while I "stole" her car and parked it in a friend's garage. She came home thinking her car was stolen, was ready to call the police and about to break down into tears before I gave her the "good" news. She was pissed, but also surprised that I could come up with the plan and execute it so well. I was kind of a goody goody in high school, but I had a sneaky evil side too. In college I convinced a roommate that someone stole his two jetskis and trailer. He was about to drive away in an angry rage and probably cry in the car when I told him I hid the jetskis around the back of the house. It's so much fun to pull a good prank like that!

Today was also the day that the conficker virus was supposed to kill the internet. As you can see, that didn't happen. But I spent the last couple days checking my computer to make sure that it had all the important updates and also a new anti-virus program. I also spent most of the day at work checking google news for anything about the virus. Apparently it phoned home and got new instructions, but didn't do much else. It may strike in the future, but nobody really has any clue about that.

Since today is also wednesday, it's a Lost night for me too. I won't recap the show here, because if you aren't a Lost fan it won't make any sense. All I will say is that this season is starting to get really good. Lots of questions are being answered and I feel like a lot more will be answered before the season is over. Only one more season to go after this one. And Ben is still evil. Ok, that's all.

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