Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday fun!

So this past week was a really busy one at work. When friday comes around I'm ready to go out and have a little fun. Lucky for me, I have cool friends who know new spots to go to all the time. Last night we went out to a place called The Back Abbey in Claremont. They are supposed to have extremely good food and 30 Belgian beers on tap! A beer drinkers heaven! Unfortunately, this place is about as big as a bathroom. It was too packed to sit down and eat, but we couldn't let the night go by without trying out some new Belgium beers. We would return later when it wasn't so packed.

We walked down the street and found a good Thai food place called Bua. The four of us got a table pretty quickly and started perusing the menus. I already knew I wanted the spring rolls to start and I had some chicken fried rice as well. And of course a Thai beer, Singha. My friends had some duck, spicy beef noodles, and some sweet noodles with vegies. I tried the spicy beef noodles, and it was really good. I'll probably have that next time.

We packed up our doggie bags and headed back to the Back Abbey for our dessert beers. The place had emptied out some so we got to sit right at the bar which only had about 7 chairs. We each ordered a different beer and passed them around to get a taste. I had the Piraat which of course had a pirate on the tap. That drew me in right away, and I wasn't dissapointed. The other beer that I tasted which I really liked was called Chamay. Had a nice golden color and was tasted great! One really cool part about this bar was that every beer they had on tap, had it's own beer glass. Not something you see everyday, so I thought it was cool. And I might be heading back there tomorrow for the food. We decided we have to have a burger and some of their double fried french fries with dipping sauces. Yelp it and you'll know what I'm talking about.

After our excellent beers, we walked back towards the Thai place and found a Mediterranean restaurant and bar that had hookah. So we each had another beer and ordered some strawberry hookah. I had a Lebanese beer called Almaza. It was a light beer and tasted pretty good. The hookah lasted a long time and wasn't too badly priced at $15. The service was a little slow, but that's not surprising. Seems like every hookah bar I've been to has been this way.

I loved that all three of these places were on the same street super close to each other. It was definitely a great way to begin the weekend. I'll keep you posted about the burgers at the Back Abbey if I go back on sunday.

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