Monday, May 11, 2009

Baseball, baseball, baseball, baseball!!!!

Weekend update with QuadSevens, aka BetAsBogus.

So this weekend was full of baseball games. Friday night I got free tickets from work to go see an Angels game. Yes, you read that right, an Angels game. I am a die hard Dodgers fan, but I can't turn down free tickets. And don't worry, I wore my Dodgers hat to The Big A. My work was giving away free tickets because it was Dairy Night. This of course means that two cows get marched out onto home plate before the game for a good milking. The Royals first base coach and an Angels pitcher (I forgot their names) take two minutes to milk each cow and then the buckets are weighed to see who wins. Without even watching I'm sure you can guess who won. With the cow kicking on every pull of the udder, the Angels pitcher somehow still won. The Angels won the game that night 4-0 and I got to see a few coworkers outside of work.

Saturday I was invited to go to the Dodgers game with an old friend. It was a 12:30pm game so I got up bright at early at 8am. Yes, 8am on a Saturday morning. Some of you may know that I'm not much of a sleeper. I almost never sleep in, and on a regular night I get about 6 hours of sleep which is just fine. Sleeping 8 hours is sleeping in for me. So I decide to get up at 8am so that I can work out and get in a run and also pick up a mother's day card and some sunblock for the game. The tickets my buddy has for the Dodgers game are field level near the left field foul poul. Excellent! Great weather and the three of us (he had another friend going to the game) are living it up with our Dos X beer and the cool family in the row ahead of us. The Dodgers are coasting along on the back of an Eric Stults complete game shutout when I get a call from my brother. He's in town for the weekend for mother's day and invites me to that night's Angels game with some friends. He's buying the ticket, so I can't pass this up!

The Dodgers win 8-0 and I pass out in the car for the ride home. 4 large Dos X in the hot hot sun will do that to me. I get home, take a quick cold shower to sober up and wake up, then I'm on my way. It's a quick 15 minute drive to the stadium and I'm in the parking lot having a burrito and beer with the guys. The Angels are facing the Royals again, but tonight Zack Grienke is pitching. The guy has won his first 6 starts of the year and has an ERA of 0.40! That's insanely good! Somehow the Angels's Joe Saunders throws a complete game shutout and the Angels win 1-0. After the game we drink some more in the parking lot, then go to a party at some girl's house where we drink even more. I'm smashed by midnight and decide to head home. Two baseball games in one day though! That's a first for me, and it was loads of fun!

Sunday, Mother's Day, I wake up at 9:30 for breakfast. Got 8 hours of sleep, but I'm still a little hung over. I have some Sunny D, eggs, potatoes, and BACON!! then I start to feel a little better. For Mother's Day we are heading out to Chavez Ravine for a Dodgers day game. 1:10pm against The Hated Ones. Since I started the day a little hung over I decide not to drink at this game. Instead, I enjoy a chocolate malt in the sun! They never get old. Seats were in the Reserve level third base side which gives you a great view of the entire field. The game was exciting but eventually the Dodgers lost in the 13th inning.

Just to recap, my weekend was 3 days long, but included 4 Major League Baseball games. I was 3-1 on the weekend and only had to pay for 1 seat. Doesn't get much better than that.

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