Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vegas baby! VEGAS!!!

Today is my friday. I'm taking tomorrow off from work so that I can head out to Las Vegas early and beat all the traffic. A buddy of mine found some awesome deal online for a 2 bedroom condo which is usually a timeshare. I've stayed there once with him and it was great! The place has a kitchen, living room, and two seperate bedrooms.

The room is nice and all, but that's not where all the fun of Vegas happens. (Well some of it happens there if you're lucky!) There really isn't a plan for this weekend except to have some drinks and play some poker. My plan also includes winning thousands of dollars while only betting in $20 increments. So that part of the plan might not happen. We'll see. The only other itinerary item for me is to somehow get someone to go get a good steak with me. I'm thinking Prime Rib at Lawry's or maybe a steakhouse in one of the hotels. Look for a post next week to find out what went down this weekend in Vegas.

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